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Structure, texture, form, design and sheer beauty. In this world there is so much to see and yet so much we overlook. The humble leaf as if an x-ray, a tulip's exquisite architecture.

When I started this project I think I took such things for granted. Now I am filled with wonder; Revealed

Inspired by the great German photographer of the 1920's, Karl Blossfeldt



Award winning project. A Social Documentary exploring the East Sussex ferry port and hinterland

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I hadn't been aware before starting this project. My teacher, confidante and muse - a witch who has educated me towards a better understanding of the seasons and the magic that surrounds us. A Grimoire being the teachings that are handed down from mother to daughter, shot mainly in the lockdown, in the house, in the garden and on our daily walks

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Managed Retreat

A social documentary of a coastline under threat from climate change. During the past 16 months I have travelled the Sussex coastline from East to West, documenting areas that are under severe stress from rising seas, both in the future and now, those that have been left at the mercy of the water and those that have been protected (for now)

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My latest project is underway, exploring the town, stories and people of Lewes, East Sussex

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