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Managed Retreat

A document of a coastline under threat from climate change

During the past 16 months I have travelled the Sussex Coastline from East to West, documenting areas that are under severe stress from rising seas, both now and in the future, those that have been left at the mercy of the water and those that have been protected (for now), by the Environment Agency. Shooting at low tide and in calm weather to suggest the malevolent nature of the sea. No storms, just the aftermath

This project shows an ever-changing land mass, how it is maintained and its powerlessness in the face of a greater power than human kind can fight. The inevitable loss of land and homes that climate change will bring about

From the sands at Camber, the fragility of Fairlight cliffs and the devastated beach at Climping, to the dunes of West Wittering and places in between, we are fighting a battle to stave off the destruction of our shoreline and for the lives of those who live nearby

I must thank Dr Uwe Dornbusch, Coastal Expert, for his amazing help and guidance

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